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ACROSS Workshop on Cooperative Systems
(WoCS 2014)

September 10-12, 2014, Dubrovnik, Croatia


Wednesday, 10th September, 2014

08:15 ‑ 17:15 Registration
Opening Session
09:15 ‑ 09:30 Welcome Note
Ivan Petrović, ACROSS Coordinator, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Session We01: Cooperative Renewable Energy Systems
Chairs: Igor Kuzle and Mario Vašak
09:30 –10:00 Power Management in Renewable Energy Microgrids with Hybrid Storage: Optimal Schedule and Operation
Carlos Bordons Alba, University of Seville, Spain
10:00 ‑ 10:30 Control and Interconnection Issues of AC and DC Microgrids
Rosa Anna Mastromauro, Polytechnic University of Bari, Italy
10:30 ‑ 11:00 Coffee Break and Poster Session 1
11:00 ‑ 11:30 Optimal Distributed Generation Placement in Power Distribution Networks
Pavlos S. Georgilakis, National Technical University of Athens, Greece
11:30 ‑ 11:45 Integration of Wind Power Plant in the Transmission Network
Igor Kuzle, University of Zagreb, Croatia
11:45 ‑ 12:00 From Smart Buildings to Smart Grids – Integration Concepts for Smart Cities
Mario Vašak and Mato Baotić, University of Zagreb, Croatia
12:00 ‑ 13:00 Lunch and continued Poster Session 1
Session We02: Cooperative Robotic Systems
Chairs: Stjepan Bogdan and Nikola Mišković
13:00 ‑ 13:30 Simple Heuristics for Robotic Cooperation: Keep on Learning from Nature
Nikos C. Tsourveloudis, Technical University of Crete, Greece
13:30 ‑ 14:00 Bio-Inspired Design: A Perspective for Aerial Robotics
Mirko Kovač, Imperial College London, United Kingdom
14:00 ‑ 14:30 Collective Control, State Estimation and Human Interaction
for Teams of Mobile Robots
Paolo Robuffo Giordano, INRIA, Rennes, France
14:30 ‑ 15:00 Coffee Break and continued Poster Session 1
15:00 ‑ 15:15 Research in cooperative robotic systems at UNIZG-FER
Zdenko Kovačić and Stjepan Bogdan, University of Zagreb, Croatia
15:15 ‑ 15:45 Cooperative Systems in Marine Robotics
Massimo Caccia, CNR-ISSIA, Genoa, Italy
15:45 ‑ 16:00 Research in Marine Robotics at UNIG-FER
Nikola Mišković and Zoran Vukić, University of Zagreb, Croatia


Thursday, 11th September, 2014

08:15 ‑ 17:15 Registration
Session Th01: Autonomous Robotic Systems
Chairs: Zoran Kalafatić and Siniša Šegvić
09:00 ‑ 09:30 A Navigation System for Robots Operating in Crowded Urban Environments
Wolfram Burgard, Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg, Germany
09:30 ‑ 10:00 Autonomous and Semi-Autonomous Navigation of a Wheelchair by Visual Servoing
François Chaumette, INRIA, Rennes, France
10:00 ‑ 10:30 Terrain Classification in Structured and Unstructured Environments
Dietrich Paulus, University of Koblenz and Landau, Germany
10:30 ‑ 11:00 Coffee Break and Poster Session 2
11:00 ‑ 11:15 Autonomous Navigation in Unknown and Dynamic Environments
Ivan Petrović, University of Zagreb, Croatia
11:15 ‑ 11:30 Global Localization in a Hybrid Metric-Topological Map Based on Planar Surfaces, Line Segments and Color/Texture Features
Robert Cupec, University of Osijek, Croatia
11:30 ‑ 12:00 Constrained Manipulation under Uncertainties
Yiannis Karayiannidis, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden
12:00 ‑ 13:00 Lunch and continued Poster Session 2
Session Th02: Human-Robot Cooperative Systems
Chairs: Zdenko Kovačić and Igor S. Pandžić
13:00 ‑ 13:30 Robotic Help for Supporting Older People to Stay Longer Independent at Home
Markus Vincze, Vienna University of Technology, Austria
13:30 ‑ 14:00 Recognizing and Generating Expressive Movements during Human-Robot Interaction
Dana Kulić, University of Waterloo, Canada
14:00 ‑ 14:30 Robot audition – Progress and Perspectives
Patrick Danes, LAAS-CNRS & Paul Sabatier University, Toulouse, France
14:30 ‑ 15:00 Coffee Break and continued Poster Session 2
Session Th03: Advanced Sensing and Signal Processing for Cooperative Systems
Chairs: Sven Lončarić and Mladen Vučić
15:00 ‑ 15:15 Image Processing and Analysis Methods for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
Sven Lončarić and Marko Subašić, University of Zagreb, Croatia
15:15 ‑ 15:30 Computer Vision and Cognition for Intelligent Transportation and Robotic Systems
Zoran Kalafatić and Siniša Šegivć, University of Zagreb, Croatia
15:30 ‑ 16:00 Content Creation for 3D Light Field Displays
Atanas Gotchev, Tampere University of Technology, Finland
16:00 ‑ 16:30 Compression of Video with Geometric Information
Robert Forchheimer, Linköping University, Sweeden
16:30 ‑ 16:45 Facial Features Tracking
Igor S. Pandžić, University of Zagreb, Croatia
16:45 ‑ 17:00 Efficient Structures and Algorithms for Digital Signal Processing
Mladen Vučić and Davor Petrinović, University of Zagreb, Croatia


Friday, 12th September, 2014

08:15 ‑ 16:00 Registration
Session Fr01: Cooperative and Optimal Control
Chairs: Mato Baotić and Jadranko Matuško
09:00 ‑ 09:30 Wind Farm Cooperative Control: Methods and Experimental Verification
Carlo L. Bottasso, Technische Universität München, Germany
09:30 ‑ 10:00 Fair Control under Resource Constraints
Sandra Hirche, Technische Universität München, Germany
10:00 ‑ 10:30 Coordination of Large-Scale Populations of Systems via Mean Field Control Theory
Sergio Grammatico, ETH Zürich, Switzerland
10:30 ‑ 11:00 Coffee Break and Poster Session 3
11:00 ‑ 11:30 Function Approximation Techniques in Modeling and Control
Michal Kvasnica, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Slovakia
Session Fr02: Cooperative Networked Embededed Systems
Chairs: Maja Matijašević and Vedran Bilas
11:30 ‑ 12:00 A Distributed Perception Infrastructure for Robot Assisted Living (Integration of Robots and Sensor Networks)
Emanuele Menegatti, University of Padova, Italy
12:00 ‑ 13:00 Lunch and continued Poster Session 3
13:00 ‑ 13:30 Nano Power Wake Up Radio Receivers
to Eliminate Idle-Listening Consumption in Wireless Sensor Network
Michele Magno, ETH Zürich, Switzerland, and University of Bologna, Italy
13:30 ‑ 13:45 Research Activities in the Networked Media Research Group
Maja Matijašević and Ivana Podnar Žarko, University of Zagreb, Croatia
13:45 ‑ 14:15 Estimating Location and Magnetic Polarizability Tensor of Metallic Targets for Security and Landmine Clearance Applications
Anthony Peyton, University of Manchester, United Kingdom
14:15 ‑ 14:30 Cooperative Sensing for Enhanced Information Capture System Performance
Vedran Bilas and Darko Vasić, University of Zagreb, Croatia
14:30 ‑ 15:00 Closing Session and continued Poster Session 3


Poster Session 1: Wednesday, 10th September, 2014

  1. Z. Kovačić, D. Miklić, G. Vasiljević, F. Petric, T. Petrović. EC-SAFEMOBIL: Estimation and Control for Safe Wireless High Mobility Cooperative Industrial Systems.
  2. S. Bogdan, D. Miklić, K. Griparić, T. Haus. Animal and Robot Societies Self-Organise and Integrate by Social Interaction – ASSISIbf.
  3. S. Piperidis. Biomimetic Behaviour Based Robotic Control.
  4. M. Horvat, K. Jambrošić, H. Domitrović. Environmental Noise Control Group.
  5. F. Fele, J. M. Maestre, E. F. Camacho. Coalitional MPC Control Applied to an Irrigation Canal.
  6. J. Babić, S. Marijan, I. Petrović. Model-Based Real-Time Embedded Software Component Testing.
  7. M. Zidar, T. Capuder, D. Škrlec. A Step Toward Sustainable Future – Active Prosumers and Distribution Systems.
  8. S. Bogdan, I. Palunko, D. Tolić, M. Orsag, T. Haus. Human-in-the-loop Control of Multi-agent Aerial Systems Under Intermittent Communication.
  9. T. Pavlović, Ž. Ban. Maximum Power Point Tracking Algorithm For All-Weather Conditions Based on the Nelder-Mead Optimization.
  10. N. Hure, M. Vašak, E. Camacho, N. Perić. Constrained Model Predictive Control of a Wind Turbine.
  11. A. Nüchter, I. Petrović, J. Velagić. ThermalMapper – Thermal 3D Modeling of Indoor Environments for Saving Energy.
  12. V. Lešić, M. Vašak. Fault-tolerant Control of Wind Turbines Subject to Generator Electromechanical Faults.
  13. D. Miklić, F. Petric, D. Tolić, Z. Kovačić. ADORE: Autism Diagnostic Observation with a Robot Evaluator.
  14. N. Mišković. Cognitive Autonomous Diving Buddy (CADDY).
  15. M. Vašak, G. Banjac. UrbanWater – Intelligent Urban Water Management System.
  16. R. Turnar, M. Vašak. CEESH – Centre of Excellence for Structural Health.
  17. M. Đalto, M. Vašak, M. Baotić, J. Matuško, K. Horvath. Neural Network Based Ultra-Short-Term Wind Forecasting.
  18. A. Martinčević, A. Starčić, M. Vašak. Enhancement of Research, Development and Technology Transfer Capacities in Energy Management Systems for Buildings.


Poster Session 2: Thursday, 11th September, 2014

  1. M. Ðakulović, M. Baotić, I. Petrović. Receding Horizon Control for Convergent Navigation of Mobile Robots.
  2. K. Lenac, A. Kitanov, I. Maurović, M. Ðakulović, I. Petrović. Fast Active SLAM for Accurate and Complete Coverage Mapping.
  3. I. Marković, M. Bukal, J. Ćesić, I. Petrović. Directional Distributions Flavored Moving Object Tracking.
  4. M. Bukal, I. Petrović. Consensus in Information Geometry.
  5. I. Cvišić, A. Kitanov, V. Sazdovski, I. Petrović. Vision Based Approaches Toward Embedded Autonomous Navigation Systems for UAVs.
  6. D. Herceg, B. Novoselnik, I. Petrović, D. Kulić. Trajectory Planning and Learning Control for Robotic Arms.
  7. M. Georgiev. A Real-Time Scene-Adaptive 3D Scene Sensing System.
  8. S. Lončarić, D. Seršić, T. Pribanić, M. Subašić, T. Petković, H. Kalinić, V. Baličević, P. Prentašić, D. Jurić, I. Harbaš, N. Banić. IPG – Image Processing Group
  9. T. Petković, S. Lončarić. Gradient Orientation in Visual Quality Control.
  10. S. Šegvić, Z. Kalafatić, K. Brkić, J. Krapac. ACVIG – Advanced Cognition and Vision Group.
  11. J. Krapac, S. Šegvić. Weakly Supervised Object Localization with Large Fisher Vectors.
  12. K. Brkić, A. Aldoma, M. Vincze, S. Šegvić, Z. Kalafatić. Temporal Ensemble of Shape Functions.
  13. N. Markuš, M. Frljak, I. S. Pandžić, J. Ahlberg, R. Forchheimer. High-Performance Face Tracking.
  14. A. Sović, D. Seršić. Robust Image Enhancement.
  15. M. Butorac, M. Vučić. Efficient FPGA Structures for Digital Signal Processing.
  16. G. Molnar, M. Vučić. Design of Multirate Digital Filters Based on Sharpening Technique.


Poster Session 3: Friday, 12th September, 2014

  1. S. Erhart, S. Hirche. Multi-Robot Cooperative Manipulation under Kinematic Uncertainty.
  2. M. Baotić. Dynamic Management of Physically Coupled Systems of Systems (DYMASOS).
  3. M. Baotić, M. Gulin. Optimization of Renewable Electricity Generation Systems Connected in a Microgrid.
  4. V. Petrović, C. L. Bottasso. Wind Turbine Loads Envelope Protection during Storms.
  5. I. Palunko, S. Hirche. Cooperative Manipulation of Suspended Objects.
  6. M. Mamduhi, A. Molin, S. Hirche. An Event-based Scheduling Design for Multi-loop Stochastic Networked Control Systems.
  7. D. Tolić, S. Hirche. Stabilizing Transmission Intervals and Delays: The Large Delay Case.
  8. J. Holaza, B. Takács, M. Kvasnica. Simple Explicit MPC Controllers Based on Approximation of the Feedback Law.
  9. S. Ileš, J. Matuško, F. Kolonić. Control of 3D Tower Crane Based on Polytopic LPV model.
  10. J. R. Medina Hernandez, S. Hirche. Synthesizing Anticipatory Haptic Assistance Considering Human Behavior Uncertainty.
  11. M. Matijašević, L. Skorin-Kapov, O. Dobrijević, T. Grgić, M. Sužnjević, K. Ivešić. Networked Media (NWMED) Research Group.
  12. K. Ivešic, L. Skorin-Kapov, M. Matijašević. Resource Management for Multimedia Services Based on User- and Service-Related Knowledge.
  13. O. Dobrijević, A. Kassler, L. Skorin-Kapov, M. Matijašević. Toward QoE-driven Path Optimization for Multimedia Services in Future Networks.
  14. M. Sužnjević, M. Matijašević. Implications of User Behaviour in Online Games for Network Traffic Characteristics and Quality of Experience.
  15. A. Antonić, V. Bilas, M. Marjanović, M. Matijašević, D. Oletić, M. Pavelić, I. Podnar Žarko, K. Pripužić, L. Skorin-Kapov. Urban Crowd Sensing for Environmental Monitoring: The OpenIoT Approach
  16. V. Jeličić, D. Tolić, V. Bilas. Decentralized Resource Management Between Consensus-Seeking Networks.
  17. M. O’Toole, L. Marsh, J. Davidson, Y. M. Tan, D. Armitage, A. Peyton. Magnetic Induction Spectroscopy System for Non-Contact Conductivity Measurements of Biological Samples.
  18. V. Jeličić, V. Bilas. Holistic Approach to Energy Saving in Wireless Networks of Energy-Hungry Sensors for Smart Surveillance.
  19. D. Ambruš, D. Vasić, V. Bilas. Advanced Electromagnetic Induction Methods in Humanitarian Demining.


ACROSS project has received research funding from the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Union (Grant Agreement No. 285939 FP7-REGPOT-2011-1).


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